Frequently Asked Questions

Is Green Spade Body Engine Oil really just snake oil?

We understand the skepticism.  We'd think that, too, if we hadn't been using the oil for more than two years.  To date, no one who has tried ingesting the oil has not felt the effects of softer hair and softer skin and stronger fingernails, after a period of time.  The amazingly diverse topical uses are an equally compelling reason to take the plunge and buy your first bottle of Body Engine Oil. 


Does Body Engine Oil have any negative side effects? 

No one who has ingested or used Body Engine Oil on their body has reported any negative effects, unless you consider softer hair and skin negative side effects.  If you experience any negative effects upon use, please let us know immediately and discontinue use.  These are plant, nut and seed oils, so the most likely negative reaction would be if a user had an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients.  Please check the ingredient list carefully (it's in the product description), and ask your doctor or allergist if you have any concerns.  Some people may also have difficulty digesting oils.  If you have any concern, you can start with a small amount, less than a teaspoon, then work your way up to a teaspoon or more over the course of a few days to a week.


Should women who are pregnant, nursing, or thinking of becoming pregnant consider ingesting Green Spade Body Engine Oil?

As an abundance of caution, we do not recommend this without first communicating with your doctor or health care professional, as the health of your child is most important.


Can I supplement with Green Spade Body Engine Oil if I am also taking prescription medication?

As an abundance of caution, we recommend discussing use of Green Spade Body Engine Oil with your doctor or health care professional prior to ingestion, if you are taking prescription medication.  You should also discuss use of this product with your doctor prior to any potential surgeries.


Does Green Spade Body Engine Oil help with skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis and eczema?

Luisa had a history of skin breakouts prior to starting to supplement with Green Spade Body Engine Oil, and Wendell and she have both noticed great improvement with her complexion while taking the oil.  Wendell has experienced great help with brittle and weak fingernails, and you can see his video about it on the homepage.  Others have reported Body Engine Oil helping with some of their skin and hair issues.  However, we want to make clear that every body is different.  We believe there is the possibility this product might be able to help relieve some symptoms persons with different skin and hair conditions may have, but we can make no promises.  Green Spade Body Engine Oil is not a drug, and we are not doctors. If you are under the care of a doctor for any skin condition, please discuss use of this product with them prior to purchasing and using. 


How did you develop Green Spade Body Engine Oil?

Body Engine Oil was invented entirely in house, through much consideration and experimentation, and its blend is patent pending. 


It says on the bottle a suggested serving is One Tablespoon a day.  What if I want to drink less?

A Tablespoon a day is our maximum suggested daily serving.  You can start with a smaller amount, such as a Teaspoon.  Take some time to figure out what works best for you and your body.  You might not need a full Tablespoon a day, and if not, you will save yourself some money.


What if I take more than a Tablespoon?

We don't recommend ingesting more than a Tablespoon of Green Spade a day, because we believe it would have no extra benefit.


How long will a bottle of Green Spade Body Engine last me, if I'm just using it for ingesting?

Here are the basics:

1 Ounce = 2 Tablespoons

So a full 16 oz. bottle would have approximately 30 daily servings of Green Spade Body Engine Oil.

1 Tablespoon = 3 Teaspoons

So if you are ingesting one teaspoon a day of Body Engine Oil, the full 16 oz. bottle will last you approximately 90 days.


How many calories is Green Spade Body Engine oil?

A Tablespoon of Green Spade Body Engine Oil is 120 calories.  A Teaspoon is 40 calories.


How long does Green Spade Body Engine Oil take to notice the described effects, if I am ingesting it as a fatty acid supplement?

This will depend upon how much you are taking every day.  If you are using a full 16 oz. bottle just for ingesting, you should hopefully feel the effects of softer skin and hair by the time you are done with the bottle.  If you are supplementing Green Spade with a Teaspoon a day it will take longer to notice the effects than if you are starting with more.  We consider the best analogy to be a dried sponge that you let a faucet pour water down on.  It takes a little while for the sponge to start taking in water, because it is so dry; then, it will slowly become more soft, flexible and usable.  Beneath the surface of your skin, Body Engine Oil will need some time for your inner-oil-sponge to get introduced to the Green Spade fatty acids.  How much fat content you have in your own body will also determine how long it takes to feel the effects.  People who are thinner and with less body fat tend to feel the effects of the oil faster and tend to require supplementing with less.  As your body absorbs the oil, it should after a period of time demonstrate the effects of softer skin and hair.  To feel the effects of stronger fingernails would take approximately 6 months, due to the time it take fingernails to grow out.


How much Green Spade Body Engine Oil do Luisa and Wendell take every day?

Luisa takes a Teaspoon a day, and Wendell generally takes 2 Teaspoons to a Tablespoon, depending on how his hair feels that day.  The oil stays in your system, so you will find that just as it took time to notice the effects of softer skin and hair, that it will take time for your body to lose the effects after they are noticed, if you suddenly stop taking the oil.  This way, you don't have to worry about taking your Green Spade every day, if you forget or are without. 


Can I spread out my Tablespoon throughout the day, if I don't want to take it all at once?

Sure, 3 Teaspoons adds up to 1 Tablespoon, so you can have 3 Teaspoons throughout the day, if you want to spread it out. 


What does Green Spade taste and smell like?  Will I have a fishy burps like with fish oil?

No fishy burps here, as Green Spade contains no animal products.  Green Spade has a slightly nutty flavor and a mild scent.  If rubbing onto the skin of your face, it is designed to absorb quickly and not leave any smelly residue.  Please know that we are dealing with organic oils, and different batches may vary slightly in smell and taste due to where he oils have been procured from, but the fatty acid benefits of Green Spade will remain.  Wendell and Luisa personally sample and approve every batch of Green Spade Body Engine Oil before it goes into final production.


Does Green Spade Body Engine Oil contain any artificial chemicals, fragrances, preservatives, or essential oils?

No.  Just basic, organic plant, nut and seed oils, with nothing else.


Is Green Spade Body Engine Oil organically certified?



Is Green Spade Body Engine Oil fully vegan, and has it been tested on animals?

Body Engine Oil is All Vegan, with absolutely no animal testing done on any of our products.


If I have naturally oily skin, won't drinking and applying Green Spade make it oilier? 

Luisa has naturally oily skin, and she and others others have found that isn't the case, and that ingesting the oil has helped with occurrences of breakouts, as well as those with dry skin have reported that it has helped them as well.  If you have oily skin and are using Green Spade topically, we recommend wiping the oil off rather than allowing it to fully absorb.


What's the empty bottle for that came with my first bottle of Green Spade?

That's for separating what you will be using for topical use from what you will be using for ingesting, or for travel.  Pour oil into the Refill Bottle bottle as needed from the larger bottle. If you are only using Green Spade for ingesting, there's no need to fill the bottle, unless you using it for travel.  After opening, keep the large bottle in the refrigerator.


Will I get an empty bottle after every order of Green Spade?

No, your first bottle will come with a free Refill Bottle, and we sell extra empty bottles on the website, if you need more.  Wendell and Luisa have been using the same little bottle for several years, and we don't want to pollute the Earth with any more plastic bottles than is necessary.


If you're so Green and Earth friendly, why do you use plastic bottles and packaging?

We are selling our products only through our website, and we have found that plastic survives the trip to you without fail and glass often breaks.  We have also found plastic most useful to dispensing oils with the small bottle.  Plastic does not affect the soundness or viability of the oil inside.  As our company grows, we will do our best to develop other useful alternatives.  Right now, plastic makes the most sense from a business and delivery standpoint.  Our bottles are recyclable.


Why do I need to keep what I am using topically separate from what I am ingesting?

We don't want the oil you will be putting in your body to be potentially contaminated by anything in the bathroom, or elsewhere.  Keeping the oil you will be ingesting refrigerated will also help its longevity and freshness.  If using the Refill Bottle for travel and you don't have access to a refrigerator, you will be okay.  Just be careful if you are also using this bottle for topical use.  We sell extra travel bottles, in case you need more than one for a trip, and wish to keep what you are ingesting separate from what you are applying topically.  As a travel tip to help prevent leakage, we recommend wrapping some plastic wrap over the threads of the bottle top, then screwing the cap on.  This seems to really help prevent leakage of oil while traveling. 


How long will Green Spade last, after I open the bottle?

Green Spade should last up to a year after opening in the refrigerator.  Hopefully you're not letting it sit there that long without using it, though.  If you have the Refill Bottle filled and it's in the bathroom or any other outside space, it should last for at least six months.  We recommend keeping it out of direct sunlight for extended periods.


Can I drink Green Spade Body Engine Oil straight, without putting it in a beverage?

Yes, you can just down a spoonful.  However, some people may have trouble digesting plain oil or don't like to take oil alone, so we recommend drinking it in a healthy, unsweetened, cold beverage.  You can also put it in your unsweetened yogurt, unsweetened cold cereal, whatever works for you.  Please don't take it with anything sugary or filled with unhealthy ingredients, such as sugary soda, cereals or energy drinks.  Give your body a chance to absorb something healthy without putting junk in it at the same time.


Can I put Green Spade Body Engine Oil in my hot coffee or tea, or on hot food?

No, heat may harm the fatty acid content of the oil, which is why you're taking it.  Please only place Body Engine Oil in beverages or food that are cold or at room temperature.


Can I put Green Spade Oil directly on my skin and hair?

Yes, use as you would other oil and conditioning products.  If you have an itchy, flaky scalp we recommend using a dropper bottle to put the oil on your scalp, then rubbing it in, so your hair doesn't get too oily.  Men with beards can also use the dropper bottle to dispense Green Spade as a beard oil.  We sell empty dropper bottles in our Extra Bottles & Accessories section.


Can Green Spade Body Engine Oil take the place of many of the current beauty and grooming products I use?

Yes, Luisa and Wendell have both found that neither of them need to use hair conditioner after supplementing with Green Spade.  Externally, Wendell uses Green Spade on his face as an aftershave oil, and Luisa uses it as a makeup remove oil and facial massage oil, and it has many other uses.  They both also use Green Spade bar soaps to wash their hair and shave with.  This saves not just money, but on the plastic packaging every bottle of shampoo, hair conditioner and aftershave lotion comes in.


How about your Natural Soap Bars?

The soap bars you buy at the supermarket may be cheap, but they can be filled with chemicals and animal products.  They will make your skin dry, or unnaturally moist.  Not so with Green Spade Natural Soap Bars.  Different fatty acids contained in our soap bars can have different effects for different skin and hair types.  We recommend what has worked for us, but please enjoy the process of discovering what works best for you, because we're all different.  Check the ingredients in the different soap bars (listed in the product detail pages), because they vary between the bars, and different ingredients will have different effects on your skin and hair.  Something as seemingly simple as an essential oil can change how someone with sensitive skin responds to a soap bar.


Can your bar soaps really do a good job washing my hair?

Yes!  We encourage you to experiment with our bar soaps, as everybody's skin and hair are different.  However, if you are willing to give soaps with simple, natural ingredients a try, we believe you will have a very different idea of what soap is capable of.  We have our recommendations for shampoo bars in the drop down menu, but please explore what is best for you.  Not only are our soaps gentle on your hair, but they are also nourishing for the scalp.


Can I shave with your soaps, too?

Yes!  Wendell has videotaped himself shaving with the soaps we have marked as our favorite to shave with.  Go check out our shaving soap bar section, and see how easy it use to shave using our soap bars, for everybody.  Use Body Engine Oil as an aftershave and kiss dry feeling skin goodbye.


Are your products manufactured in the United States?

Body Engine Oil and our Natural Soap Bars are all manufactured in the United Staes.  Our Soap Lift Soap Dishes are also made in the USA. Keep in mind that the ingredients within the oil and soap bars can come from all over the world, but they are mixed and manufactured here, in the United States.  Our microfiber towels are manufactured in China; this is the best place we have found to get this material.


How awesome are Soap Lift Soap Dishes?

Totally awesome, and you can take them with you when you travel, too!


Where can I buy your Green Spade products, other than from

At this time, you can only purchase genuine Green Spade Body Engine Oil and our Green Spade Natural Soap Bars directly from us at, or if Wendell and Luisa happen to be spotted selling at your local Farmer's Market.  We are working on setting up an Amazon store for our branded oil, but due to agreements we have with out suppliers, our soaps and other products not of our making will only be sold here, on our website.  

Can I ask you questions about your products, if I have any?

Absolutely, please email us through our contact form, or at  We normally get back within a business day, and we work Monday through Friday.  Please know that we are a small business, and Wendell and Luisa are both wearing many hats.  We can communicate via email or even schedule a call with you, if you have genuine questions about our products and it would make you feel more comfortable.  We are not interested in scheduling calls unrelated to honest inquiries or concerns about our products, or responding to any emails that are not as such.  Due to high levels of spam phone calls and emails, we no longer have an office phone line we answer, but we are happy to speak to genuine customers, or anyone considering our products, at a time that would work for both of us.  Please don't contact us with continuing spam emails.  We'd appreciate it.


After I place an order, will you contact me with lots of spam emails and make my life a living nightmare of always seeing Greenspade Oil in my email inbox?

Please let us know if you'd like to opt out of any marketing.  We will be making more and more content for the website and may have some fun content coming up in the future, but we don't like being bombarded with marketing emails either.  Please let us know if we are annoying. 


What's your return policy if I don't like your product?

If you're willing to give a whole bottle of Body Engine Oil a try by ingesting it, and you don't think your skin and hair are softer after you've gotten through a whole bottle, let us know and return the unused portion or empty bottle to us, and we'll refund your purchase price minus shipping fees, of a single bottle of Green Spade, within 60 days of receiving your shipment.  We ask you to make the commitment to ingesting a whole bottle without stopping, until you feel the effects.  If you are also using on your skin, please realize it might take more than a single bottle to feel the effects of Green Spade by ingesting it.   We are happy to accept returns on our towel products and other merchandise; please contact us for arrangement of shipment back to us, and we will refund the price of your purchase minus shipping fees. If anything is damaged or defective in your purchase, please contact us immediately for replacement or refund.  We do not accept returns on our soap bars.  These terms are subject to change without notice.


$99 a bottle seems kind of expensive.  Are Wendell and Luisa trying to rip me off?

Please see the little 1 oz. dropper bottles of facial oils some other companies sell, and look at their ingredients.  These are just meant for external use and many have chemical ingredients in them or essential oils that can cause potential skin irritation.  These are usually marketed as magic serums that will change you forever, and many cost $100 and up.  Look at our ingredients, then realize you get a 16 oz. bottle, and you can use it on your body as well as use it internally as a supplement, and you have no chemicals in the bottle but the ones nature made called fatty acids, and nothing else.  Just get one of our optional 1 oz. dropper bottles, fill it up to use Green Spade as a serum, and you'll still have 15 more ounces left in the Green Spade bottle to refill it with later, or better yet, have some to drink!  We don't want you to worry about putting tiny drops of oil into your skin, because your magic serum is so expensive.  We want you to use as much as you need and rub it in well, because that's what's going to help your skin in the long run.


Do I have to pay sales tax?

Green Spade Oil Co. has nexus in the state of California, and all shipments leave from the state of California.  Only buyers located in the State of California must pay sales tax, as required by law. However, we deduct the California sales tax from California orders so you won't see additional tax added to your shopping cart.


Do you offer free shipping?

We currently offer free ground shipping on all orders over $39.  We ship either USPS priority or Fedex.  Most orders will be received in the continental United States within three business days.  We ship from Santa Monica, California. 


Do you ship overseas?

Green Spade Oil Co. currently does not ship or sell our products outside the bounds of the United States.


I've heard there is a secret phrase, that if I enter it in the Discount Code box as I place my order, I'll get 20% off my first order.  Is this true?

Don't let anyone know, but for a limited time, if you enter our magic phrase TheInnerConditioner (no spaces between the words) into the discount code box, you will indeed get 20% off your order.  But please don't tell anybody, because it's a big secret.

Do you have a Green Spade Body Engine Oil User's Manual?

 Yes, download it right here:

Body Engine Oil User Manual